For an interactive map of campus, see here. Visitor parking is available at 1545 White Ave. and elsewhere on campus.
The outline below are the events of the 2018 Darwin Day.

Date Time Event Location
Sat Feb 10 1 - 4 PM 209th Birthday Party for Charles Darwin McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture
Mon Feb 12 7 - 8 PM Dr. Nizar Ibrahim, "Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous" Alumni Memorial Building Room 210

Sponsors: Darwin Day Tennessee is sponsored by the Student Programming Allocation Committee, and the departments of Physics, Theater, Religious Studies, Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science, Entomology, Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology, and the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences and Arts and Sciences.

Darwin Day in Knoxville, Tennessee is a volunteer-run event dedicated to informing the public about evolution and its importance as a unifying concept in all of biology. Our goal is to disseminate factual information, in the context of a non-confrontational and rational discussion based on empirical evidence without pre-conceived ideological agendas or uncritical faith in the opinions of scientists, politicians, or clerics. In a state with past and recent legislative efforts to introduce faith-based ideologies into the science classrooms of public schools, these efforts are particularly important.

We sponsored the first Darwin Day event on February 12th of 1997, the 188th birthday of Charles Robert Darwin. Since this first Darwin Day, the annual celebration has grown to include an annual keynote speaker, a teacher's workshop, and other events.

Join Us

You can join our group by registering with the Darwin Day listserv using this link: We are also looking for students to sign up as group members (this may have a significant effect on funding in the future). To do so, or to give general Darwin Day feedback, please go to here.

After signing up you will receive email updates about the organization. You will also be able to participate in online discussions about evolution, science, and education.